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Contact Information
44 Lapwing Cresc, Mango hill 4509
Phone: 0413 261 104
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is becoming more commonplace on our vehicles. In fact, hardly any new vehicles sold today have no ADAS systems at all.
  • ADAS systems rely on a number of cameras and sensors mounted around the vehicle. These cameras and sensors are aimed precisely and require calibration if their position is disturbed.
  • Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that calibration is also carried out following collision, windscreen replacement, suspension repairs or even wheel alignment.
  • ADAS Solutions Australia offer a full mobile on site calibration solution.
  • Calibration to OE specifications.
  • Calibration carried out by specialist, trained and competent Technicians.
  • Complete system calibration in accordance with relevant manufacturers repair methods/instructions.
  • Calibration supported with a Certificate of Calibration.
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