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Saving YOU from a Dirty Tank!

www.watertankrescue.com.au | +61 499 088 549 | info@watertankrescue.com.au

HD2O Water Tank Rescue

Saving YOU from a Dirty Tank!

HD2O Water Tank Rescue specialises in the Cleaning, Inspection and Repair of Rainwater Tanks and Capturing Systems

We offer a professional service to your water, based on a holistic approach to water integrity. How you capture your water is just as important as how you store it and how you provide it to your family. We work out the best ways to get the water in and keep the contaminants and local wildlife out!

HD2O utilises modern technology to inspect your home water network inclusive of drones with licensed registered operators, camera systems to monitor cleaning and testing equipment to give live results of your water. We are always working on innovative projects to provide a better service and diverse range of solutions to you!

Low water? Not a problem! Full tank? Even better, we have a range of cleaning techniques and technology developed to suit the needs of your tanks!

Call us for:

  • Water Tank Cleaning
  • Inspection and Water Testing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Consultation and System Compliance
  • Licensed Drone Inspection

www.watertankrescue.com.au | +61 499 088 549 | info@watertankrescue.com.au

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