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Contact Information
Alkoomi Avenue, Ferny Hills 4055
We are an Australian, Queensland-based consultancy specialising in cross-cultural business and communication skills.

We help professionals develop intercultural business skills so they can build stronger cross-cultural relationships and achieve peak performance from global teams.

Our consultancy services include intercultural business coaching, training and advice.

Our clients are professionals who conduct international trade and investment attraction, lead international teams, manage change for international Merger & Acquisitions, manage global mobility, and who operate in international education, tourism and other global industries.

We focus on understanding deep-rooted cultural differences between business mindsets, communication styles, values and attitudes – all of which can make or break meaningful relationships.

Who We Are.

Director and founder of Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists, Craig Shim is an intercultural business consultant with over two decades of global experience.

Previously based in Asia for 14 years (China, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar), he was an intercultural advisor to multinational corporations, foreign embassies and various agencies of the United Nations.

In Australia, he provides cross-cultural advice to organisations including Air New Zealand, Boeing, BP, Nike and Mastercard.

Craig Shim is also the Co-Founder of Project Global Citizen, a cultural competency accelerator program for international and domestic students, and The China Collective.

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