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The Mural Shop - Australian Made Design Finishes
Corporate Glass Mural by The Mural Shop
Restaurant Splashback Mural by The Mural Shop
Restaurant Tile Mural by The Mural Shop
Mosaic Art for Pools by The Mural Shop
Corporate Foyer Ceiling Murals by The Mural Shop
The Mural Shop - Australian Made Design FinishesCorporate Glass Mural by The Mural ShopRestaurant Splashback Mural by The Mural ShopRestaurant Tile Mural by The Mural ShopMosaic Art for Pools by The Mural ShopCorporate Foyer Ceiling Murals by The Mural Shop
Contact Information
PO Box 1015, North Lakes 4509
Phone: 07 3491 6400

Inspire your new build or renovation when you buy murals online from North Lakes Artist, Sharron Tancred.
Shop fitout companies, Interior Designers and Builders can use The Mural Shop® as their online source for unique art inspired Design Finishes for interior and exterior spaces.  Hence, you can build-in value-adding beauty, point of difference and architecturally relevant focal points to your next project!

Our universally themed artworks are printed large format, on-demand, onto custom building substrates.  Your clients will love the value for money and find the artworks a way to express their message to you, instantly.  Shops, kitchens, bathrooms, living areas inside and out can be more magical with: Tile Murals, Vertical Tile Feature Strips, Glass Murals and Splashbacks Printed onto Film or Toughened Glass; Outdoor Murals, Ceiling Murals and Modern Mosaic.  Designers who do Aged Care work will also love our range of Door Wraps for Dementia!

As Australian Designers, it is essential to support Australian Made and Owned products; *Mosaic is manufactured in Taiwan. The Mural Shop has been designed to meet your needs by Tailored Artworks Artist and Decorator, Sharron Tancred. Additionally, The Mural Shop's QBCC Legislations Compliant finishes, meet Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards.

Please use the coupon offer here for your year-round purchases.  Enquiries, call Sharron Tancred 07 3491 6400 | 0419 428 628 | email info@themuralshop.onlineSpecifications and Price Guidewww.themuralshop.online

The Mural Shop offers you art custom printed on demand to meet with your designer splashback glass size.  We print on State-of-the-Art Optically Clear film. Film is adhesive on both sides and comes with an opaque backing film.  The finish is crystal clear and quite incredible!  All artworks feature the Universal Themes of Australian Artist and Decorator, Sharron Tancred.  The Mural Shop is a proudly Australian owned and manufactured source of high-quality Art inspired Design Features for Builders, Architects, Designers and DIYers.


The Mural Shop gives you tile ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and feature walls.  We custom print on demand Universally Themed artworks painted by Australian Artist and Decorator, Sharron Tancred. Our Custom Tile Printing is high resolution flat or 3D textured onto a range of popular flat, wall, floor and pool safe, ceramic tile sizes.  Builders, Architects, Designers and DIYers will love our beautiful and meaningful Tile Murals as custom building substrates.

The Mural Shop offers you one of our most unique Custom Tile Art Designs: Vertical Tile Feature Strips!  Just one affordable strip in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry or Outdoor Space will add a focal point full of colour, style and theme.  Use a Tile Mural Strip to style your décor. These Unique Tile Wall Ideas are custom printed on demand and shipped to your door! Ideal for Builders, Architects, Designers or DIYers! All artworks are the product of Australian Artist and Decorator, Sharron Tancred. The Mural Shop is proudly Australian owned with high-quality goods manufactured in Australia according to Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards.

Ceiling Murals by The Mural Shop are high-quality print and delivered hand-painted artworks. Our Murals use state-of-the-art technology for easy adherence and repositioning onto Ceilings.  Ceiling Art Decor adds awe-inspiring atmosphere and depth to  Floating Ceiling Design.

Glass dividers, screens and internal window cavities are available through our ‘Glass Murals’ category. Printed directly onto 6mm thick toughened glass or single-sided, budget-minded film. Glass murals create beautiful and exceedingly safe glass wall features due to their high visibility.

The Mural Shops Dementia Door Wraps are divided into 5 Interior Design Styles to help with Dementia Resident wayfinding and room door relevance.  Discover the exciting Art Series, Beach Huts, Modern, Rustic, Ethnic and Classic Australian. Our Low VOC wraps come in a natural, velvet matt finish and do not have a plastic sheen.  Wraps reusable and very easy to install with our state-of-the-art HP Print technology, and yet, are more affordably priced than some of our competitors!

Art into Mosaic by The Mural Shop is a modern mosaic made up of pixel-like 9mm square gloss finish tiles.  We digitise our art and robotically engineer the tiles into the artwork's composition as neat rows of beautiful mosaic art. Mosaic is suitable for all-weather outdoor and indoor spaces and wet areas.

Moveable Outdoor Murals by The Mural Shop is Australian art by Sharron Tancred, custom printed onto large format Metal Alloy delivered to your door ready to hang. We print in flat or 3D textured UV Inks and Triple Laminate them for longevity.  Our Custom Outdoor Metal Art is suitable for kitchen window fences, apartment balconies and as garden, BBQ and pool wall decoration.

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