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Residential Window Tinting North Lakes
Home Window Tinting North Lakes
North Lakes Area
North Lakes Apartment Window Tinting
North Lakes Window Tinting Professional
Tint Mart North Lakes Home Window Tinting
Residential Window Tinting North LakesHome Window Tinting North LakesNorth Lakes AreaNorth Lakes Apartment Window TintingNorth Lakes Window Tinting ProfessionalTint Mart North Lakes Home Window Tinting
Contact Information
North Lakes Drive, North Lakes QLD, Australia, North Lakes 4509
Cut Glare. UV protection. Reduce Fading. Daytime privacy. Cooler home in summer. These are the five great advantages of coloring home windows in summer or winter for the whole family in your home office and at home! In addition, thanks to commercial and office window tinting in your workplace, you can expect all this, as well as improving team productivity, increasing working comfort and reducing air conditioning costs.

Our professional home window tinting North Lakes has been operating for more than two decades to make the lives of satisfied customers better with tens of thousands of tinted windows.

We offer window tinting for home and office that will help:

  • Blocks 99% of harmful uv rays
  • Reduce solar energy
  • Keep it cool in your home or office
  • Glare on computer screens
  • Protect your indoor furniture from fading and abrasion
  • Provide more privacy at home or at work
  • Increase your energy efficiency (and reduce your energy expenditure)
  • Increased safety in accidents, reducing the impact of broken glass
  • Add another touch of style!

The best home window tinting in North Lakes - get a lifetime warranty!

The experienced technicians of our professional team do a great job and install our high-quality window curtains as soon as possible. Even better, all of our glass films come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer!

Tinting residential windows in North Lakes

Having a well-lit house with lots of windows is a godsend-you want to enjoy the view while living in the beautiful south-east of Queensland. . we also have more than 300 sunny days and a long, hot, humid summer! We all know what it's like to return home to a house that looks like a hot oven after all this solar energy.

Or try to work in your home office, click to see the screen in bright light and try to hold the mouse with your sweaty hands.

Fortunately, a professionally installed window, the tinting film on the windows of your house remains cool in the summer, reduces glare, protects you and your furniture from aggressive and harmful UV rays and provides complete privacy throughout the day.

High-quality coloring of home windows can cause the temperature to drop by 10 to 15 degrees! This can make the difference between an unbearable room in the summer and a room where you like to spend time decently.

You also need much less air conditioning, which will greatly please both your wallet and the planet.

North Lakes Commercial and Office Window Tinting

Did you know that productivity decreases as soon as temperatures rise above 23-24 °C in an office environment? In fact, office workers are almost 10 percent less productive in an office at 30 °C.

this is when you tell your team that they can stop for lunch every Friday. Apart from that, although employees like to graduate early on Friday, they hate working, warm, stuffy office!

And how about this sparkle? Tint the windows and you will not complain that in the waiting room don needs sunglasses in his office.

A quality glass film is all it takes to start seeing and stop looking.

UV rays and energy costs are one thing, but buying new furniture every few years is really a cost you can live with! A quality shade of the windows in your commercial space will reduce energy consumption, improve the security of your office and protect the interior from fading and abrasion.

The protective film will go a long way for the security of an office with easy access (that is, with the possibility of being hacked).

The windows.

Call us today and we will help you choose the right window tint film for your situation!

Office window tinting can significantly affect the happiness and efficiency of your employees.

Choose a look and give us the rest
VLT (visible light transmittance) and reflectivity, percentages are not rocket science, but they can still be confusing.

We can show you our range of films and help you choose the best window shade according to your needs.

If you are looking forward and looking forward to seeing the variety of coloring films we offer, check out our selection of shades for the home window!

We offer films that can reduce light and glare from 25% to 93%.

No matter what you choose, all our films block 99% of harmful UV rays, protect you and your furniture, and provide up to an 85% reduction in solar heat while remaining cool in the summer.

Home window colors to reduce glare

Do it yourself or call professional technicians?
Today more than ever, you can find DIY window tinting products on the Internet with instructions and tutorials.

However, painting windows is much more than just gluing a layer of plastic to the window glass.

Poorly applied glass films can eventually bubble,,it means wrinkle formation and exfoliation, that is, problems (and still ugly). Not to mention the nightmare of removing the evil shadow! Many inexpensive shades use dyes that fade over time, so after a year or two you remove them and look for a more permanent solution.

Regardless of whether you are painting windows at home or in the office, a significant amount of homework and a lot of practice will be required to achieve a satisfactory result.

Why take the risk?
Consult with home and office window tinting experts at Tint March North Lakes, color your windows effortlessly and get a good fit and long lasting finish!

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost on average to paint the window of a house?

The price of window tinting services will vary depending on many factors: the offer price, the cost of the film and the cost of their installation.

However, if you choose us, you will get the best value for money,we never charge for measurement and quotation! Other than that, we expect to pay between $ 40 and $ 145 per square meter of installed dec.

Is it worth tinting the windows?

For most homes in South-East Queensland, there are at least a few rooms that will benefit from the shade of a house window.

the benefits of window tinting are multifaceted: from better protection against harmful radiation and reducing the damage to the sun of your furniture, to reducing energy costs to a cooler house or office.

These advantages are especially relevant for houses in Brisbane with small shading or large west-facing windows, which leads to a very warm room in the afternoon. In october, many Brisbane residents want to see the streetscape while maintaining their privacy.

However, if you don't have windows that are exposed to direct sunlight and you don't have privacy issues, you may not need to color the windows.

What is the best shade of a home window?

There are many types of window films, what is best for you may not be the same as the next person.

They differ in purpose (safety, decoration or protection from sunlight), manufacture and quality.

For example, the old carbon technology only blocks UV rays, but does not block IR rays. In this way, your home or office will be safe and beautiful with a stylish and dark appearance, but it will still be quite warm!

On the other hand, modern spectral-selective metallized and ceramic glass films are incredibly effective at reducing both glare and heat, while providing excellent visibility. In addition, they will make your home october, because, for example, theft, severe hail, etc.

in some cases, they help prevent injuries from broken glass

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