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Tertiary Education Strategy for the Moreton Bay region


Image credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council


ACIL Allen Consulting has completed a Tertiary Education Strategy for the Moreton Bay region.

This initial body of work focused on the following three key objectives:

  • To develop a Tertiary Education Strategy that articulates the current and medium-term priorities and long-term strategic direction for tertiary education in the Moreton Bay Region.
  • The long-term strategic direction addresses economic, social, and environmental imperatives unique to the Region.
  • The Strategy will be used to guide engagement and future investment decisions in order to maximise the contribution of the tertiary education sector to the economic competitiveness of the Moreton Bay Region.


The strategy recommended a number of key priorities and actions for the region to take forward, including:

  • New infrastructure
  • Building strong regional leadership
  • Stakeholder engagement and community engagement
  • New information provision
  • New products and pathways
  • Capacity building and engagement.


The strategy concluded that the region, which is the third largest local government area in Australia by population, is capable of supporting significant additional investment in both tertiary education and VET (vocational education and training).

Such investments are made further sustainable by the predicted significant population growth across the region, which in turn will be supported by investments in regional significant projects, such as Caboolture West, North East Business Park and the Moreton Bay Rail Link.

It is anticipated that the Tertiary Education Strategy priorities and actions will be discussed at a meeting of key stakeholders during March 2014.

The Tertiary Education Strategy was initiated by RDA Moreton Bay, which is the also the principal funder, with Moreton Bay Regional Council providing additional funding.

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