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GovHack 2018 – Go Queensland

The world’s largest open data competition is coming to Queensland on 7-9 September 2018.

GovHack, one of the largest hackathons in the world, brings together government, entrepreneurs, coders, designers, students and innovative thinkers to propose new ways government open data can be reused to provide benefits and services to the community.

Open data is non sensitive data made freely available, discoverable, accessible and published in ways and with licences that allow easy reuse.

During GovHack teams have 46 hours to create a project page, proof of concept and a video that tells the story of how open data can be reused, finding new ways to solve existing challenges facing the community and government.

Data uses might include innovative apps and products, or mashing up data through visualisations, games, art work or data stories.

An example of a stand out project was the prototype app Breathe Easy. This ingenious app informs users about air pollution levels in real-time on an interactive map.

How GovHack works

The event starts on Friday night when the competition categories are announced.. Teams then use open data sets to find new ideas or ways to reuse the data to win prizes in international, national and local prize categories.

Teams work through the weekend and by Sunday 5pm you submit your team page, 3 minute video of your concept and any code/source materials.

GovHack is about having fun and learning, regardless of your level of expertise. From high school and 1st year university students through to hardened developers, everyone who gets involved will come away from the weekend with something new, whether it be code, content, an idea or new contacts.

GovHack gives you the opportunity to interact with your peers, get mentored by experts or show off your skills to a community that loves this kind of stuff.

The essence of a hackathon is achieving something amazing in a very short period of time. You will also be in the running for prize money and grants for the best work undertaken with government data across a number of major and minor categories.

Visit the GovHack website to get involved and learn more about GovHack.

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