Each Month RDA Moreton Bay will graphically report on the number of Building and Construction Projects in our region. Please see below the following graphs for August 2018

  1. List of Projects
  2. Projects by Ownership (Local Government, State Government, Private & Joint)
  3. Projects by Sector (Commercial, Community, Civil, Flats & Units)
  4. Projects by Value (expected dollar value of tender)
  5. Projects by Category (Business Type categories, e.g. retail, hospitality, industrial)
  6. Projects by Stage (Project Stage)
  7. Projects by Geographical Area (showcasing the areas of growth in our region)




Aug 2018 List of Projects

1. List of Projects

Aug 2018 Tenders by Ownership

2. Projects by Ownership

aug 2018 Projects by Sector

3. Projects by Sector – August 2018


Aug 2018 Projects by Value

4. Projects by Value – August 2018

Aug 2018 Projects by Category

5. Projects by Category

Aug 2018 Projects by Stage

6. Projects by Stage – August 2018


Aug 2018 cordell map

7. Projects by Geographical Area


Graphs created in Cordell Connect – A CoreLogic Business

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