Samantha Paredes, a PhD candidate from the School of Economics and Finance, Faculty of Business, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is examining the likelihood of setting up a community supported fishery (CSF) in Queensland. The CSF model is an alternative way for consumers to purchase seafood by directly connecting to the fisher.

The aim of a CSF is to increase consumer awareness of and access to locally caught seafood, which can potentially provide benefits for commercial fishers, consumers, the local community and the environment.

Under the CSF model, people sign up to obtain a CSF membership at the beginning of a fishing season. CSF members can then pre-purchase an amount (e.g. 500g, 1kg or 2kg) of fresh, locally caught seafood, to be delivered once a week for a given number of weeks (e.g. 4, 8 or 12 weeks). The amount of seafood purchased is referred to as a ‘seafood share’. Once the seafood share is ready, CSF members receive information regarding the catch of the day, who caught their seafood share, where their seafood share was caught and the location for pick up. CSF pick up locations are generally designated on the basis that the location is central to CSF members.

Commercial fishers in Moreton Bay who are 18 years and over are invited to participate in a 20 minute survey as part of Samantha’s PhD project. The survey will determine which factors would be most important for the success of a CSF from a commercial fisher’s perspective and whether there is interest in setting up a CSF in Queensland.

All information collected will be kept confidential and the resulting data will be used in a non-identifiable form. Participants will not receive compensation for the completion of the survey, however their participation is greatly appreciated and may benefit the Queensland fishing industry in future.

The survey will be administered in person by either Samantha Paredes or her research assistant. Should you wish to participate in the study or would like to learn more about the study, please contact Samantha Paredes:

This study has been approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number 1700000920).

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