The RDA Moreton Bay Board went to The Sebel, Margate Beach for their July board meeting. I took the opportunity to meet and interview Fabian Koh, the delightful General Manager of the Redcliffe Peninsula’s newest hotel.

Nette: Hi Fabian and thank you for meeting with me today. We are all very excited about the opening of The Sebel. And of course, we are always curious, when a new business opens up, about the people who are running it. Where were you working prior to coming to manage The Sebel?

Fabian: Most recently I was working at the Pullman and the Sofitel hotels in Brisbane, but I also did some time at the Marriott on the Gold Coast just prior to that.

Nette: Were you familiar with the Redcliffe Peninsula before being appointed to the role of General Manager at The Sebel?

Fabian Koh

Fabian Koh

Fabian: I have to admit that I was not really familiar with the Redcliffe Peninsula area prior to taking on this role. But I am delighted to be here. It is a beautiful environment and one cannot help but be struck by the peace and calm of the surroundings.

Nette: Did you always want to work in hospitality and if so, why?

Fabian: Yes, I did want to work in hospitality and have been doing so now for 16 years and I love it. It is a career field where one gets variety every day. There is always something different happening and that makes it exciting.

Nette: What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Fabian: Without doubt the most rewarding aspect of the work is experiencing the customer satisfaction. My philosophy is and has always been “treat others as you wish to be treated”. That applies to all aspects of the hotel from the food services through to the rooms. We are seeing a lot of local people coming in for catch-up drinks and for meals. The lunch-time trade is just fantastic. I think because I like to problem solve, I find being able to reach a solution for a customer to be very rewarding. And I just love it here. As I said the environment is so pleasant.

Nette: What is the most challenging aspect of working in hospitality?

Fabian: I don’t find anything particularly challenging. We are here to satisfy the customer needs. Customer priorities are my business priorities. Of course, we have rules and policies we must follow, but flexibility and understanding are key to ensure customer satisfaction. I don’t want to sound corny but my philosophy when any challenges present, is just to get it done; get it fixed; solve the problem.

Nette: What are your main three objectives for The Sebel?

Fabian: Well, we have a lot of objectives, but they fit into the following:

  • Get involved in the community; be a part of the community.
  • Work sustainably; work with the “ups” and “downs”
  • Develop the team – they are locals and we are interested in developing their skills.

A big thank you to Fabian and The Sebel, Margate Beach staff for giving us some space for the meeting and keeping everyone plied with coffee

You will find The Sebel Brisbane, Margate Beach at 1 McCulloch Avenue, Margate QLD 4019


Sebel king room

Deluxe King Ocean Room