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COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

Michelle Pitman from Virtual Safety Management discussed your responsibilities regarding Business and COVID from a Work, Health and Safety

If you don’t have a business emergency response / continuity and recovery plan in place already, NOW is the time to get cracking on one. Michelle has kindly added some free resources for you to download from the Virtual Safety Manager website to help businesses in our region:

        • Emergency management and recovery plan
        • Working from Home self assessment

What could happen to me if someone gets COVID-19 in my business?

Under the Work, Health and Safety Act you have a duty of care to identify the hazards in your business, which includes COVID-19, because it is a hazard in your business and people could be exposed to it.

There are industrial manslaugter laws in place so it is really important to know what sort of practical things you can put in place to protect yourself:
– follow the cleaning and sanitizing requirements
– patron density limits
– ensure check in app is clearly displayed in your workplace and people are using it
– employees and your customers have access to hand sanitizer or hand washing facilities (hand hygiene is really important)
– if masks come back as mandate, supplying them to your staff and potentially your customers as well
– keep your employees really well informed about what they need to do to ensure the business complies with the legislation.
– Ensure you are up to date with information and providing that information to staff
– Consultation with your employees to allow them to express their opinions in matters of their health and safety and ensure that they have the information that they need.

Can an employee claim workcover for exposure and contracting COVID-19

Yes, it does fall under a workplace illness category. It can be compensable under Work Cover, there are certain things that they have to prove: – that they were a worker at the time
– they were in Queensland
– the workplace was a contributing factor to that exposure to COVID

So there are some steps that they have to go through to be able to prove that compensable claim.

How do I protect my employees from abuse from the public re: check in/vaccination

– Make sure you have conditions of entry at the entry to your business which would include your mandatory vaccination policy, if you have one
– Ensure your QLD Check in App QR codes are clearly visible
– If your staff are in danger, get them out of danger immediately and call the Police.

What is COVID Fatigue?

Yes, just keeping up with the changes of the pandemic and stresses that puts on our businesses causes fatigue.

We need to protect ourseves as individuals and as business owners, so that we can look after our employees as well.

To protect ourselves: check in with each other; get some external help; look at great resources such as Beyond Blue, Mind Spot or Black Dog; and put some well being programs into your workplace.